The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

It Makes Me Happy…

I was going through a bad time my senior year of high school and my friend Brittany said I should write down all the things that make me happy, and it should take the edge off of some of the bad vibes. Now, I lost that list in the past year, which makes me sad.

SO! The list is born again, new and improved. I’ll occasionally add to it.


Having a Good Tan

Old Pictures


Old-time Pictures

Led Zeppelin

My favorite Led Zeppelin picture ever


Road Trips

Old Diaries

Finding Crazy Things I Used to Like as a Kid

My Dogs


Feeling Original

When You Know You’re Getting a Snow Day



Flowers, These in Particular

When You Think of a Song You Want to Hear and it Comes on the Radio Shortly Thereafter

Paul Newman

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Old Books



How Much Fluffier Your Bed Feels in the Morning when You Need to Get Up

My Niece and Nephew

Peace Signs

Playing Like a Little Kid

When You’re Driving on a stretch of road and realize there are no telephone lines, cable boxes, etc. in sight

Tech-free days (or forgetting your phone at home, same thing)

Getting a letter in the mail (bills and ads don’t count!)

When Random People Smile At You

Unexpected hugs

Seeing an old friend and having a pleasant- Not awkward – conversation

Days When Everything Goes Right

Small Surprises

Big Surprises

Rainy Weekend Mornings

When People Call Me a Hippie (Especially when they think it’s insulting)

Getting A’s in School

Family Parties

Puppies (3-parter)

The VERY beginning of Fall

The way you can get the Veggie Tales theme song stuck in anyone’s head.


…and random facts.

And on that note, Twisted Humor

Hippie Vans

Part 2: Hippie “Green” Vans

Wine Nights

New Crushes


Cool Socks
Getting a card

New Sheets

Warm Cars on Cold Days




A good run

Raw cookie dough

Disney movies

Flotation Devices

Memorizing a song

Singing goofy songs

Having someone with the same running pace

Artwork YOU want to do


Earning your own money

No Shoes! (It would be all Huckleberry Finn style in my perfect world)

People making opposite-sex voices


New jewelry/accessories

Feeling really smart

  Acting like a fool (public or private)

Family stories
Stories of how they met
Getting your way
Reading comics
Extracurricular activities


2 thoughts on “It Makes Me Happy…

  1. Dear Allyce,
    I love this. And I kind of squealed out loud when I saw POGS. And I love that every picture has the antique feel to it.

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