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Feel Good Mondays: “Nature’s First Green Is Gold”

Warm morning | trees, dawn

Yesterday while running in the neighborhood I noticed all the magnolia trees starting to bloom. Jogging along I was thinking, “It’s sad that magnolia flowers wilt so early in the year, because they’d look so spectacular against the green leaves that come later in the season.”

That made me think of all the clever lines of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost. Which then led me to ponder a long discussion with my sister regarding the misconception of happiness (a lot of thinking goes on when you forget your headphones).

Because it’s true: nothing gold can stay. Life, in all forms, is constantly in motion. Plants, animals, water – in nature everything yearns for fluctuation, even Earth itself! Our globe is constantly spinning and tectonic plates shift below our feet.

The same goes with a person’s happiness. People seem so caught up in the “happily ever after” effect of movies and stories that they are forever waiting for happiness to “start”. We’re always looking farther ahead for the glorious beginning of our own happily ever after.

Your level of happiness is comparable to the changing of seasons and struggles are your dormant season. Winters are necessary for springs and summers to seem so sweet. Your best moments will come and go with regularity; life cannot be perpetual spring.

But just because something can’t stay doesn’t mean it won’t return. That’s part of what makes life so interesting. 🙂

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