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Feel Good Mondays: Green(house Gases) and Silver (Linings)

America the beautiful

Well this isn’t that new, but it might be something to feel good about:

Scientists in the Netherlands believe they’re close to establishing a way to draw energy from CO2. Which is kinda cool

NBC makes it all sound super scientific, but basically they’re trying to create a turbine that would mix liquid without carbon dioxide with the wasted CO2 that is put in the air by power plants. It doesn’t get rid of the emissions (nor does it increase emissions), but it draws energy from them, effectively lessening our need for the power from the plants. If the plants don’t have to keep ramping up production they won’t create extra waste in the form of CO2. And any waste they do create could be mixed with the water/liquid to create more energy without creating more waste.

Science. Gotta love it.

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