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Feel Good Mondays: Sweat and Tears (No Blood)

I’ve decided that Shaun T. is truly a sadist. I’m not even joking with this: you can Google “Shaun T sadist” and get tons of hits from various Insanity users. Just let me be clear that I really do mean that as a compliment to the man with the golden abdomen. Dude won’t cut you a break and that’s amazing.

You basically have to listen to what someone says when their abs look like that.

Here I am, three years after buying Insanity, attempting to get my butt through the second month. I sorta-maybe-kinda quit on the first day of month 2 in 2011 and locked the workout away deep in my subconscious. But I’ve decided to push to get really badass, fit, and fly. So thanks, Shaun T! It’s working!

But I watch inactive people and the way they handle themselves… and then I think of the way I handled myself when I didn’t partake in any exercise… and I think it really needs to be shoved in people’s faces that exercise has so much more than physical benefits.

1. It reduces the signs of aging that stress puts on our bodies

2. We’ve all heard this: it boosts your mood. You get that “Runner’s High” that keeps you happier for the rest of the day. But it can go further than just making you peppy. It helps alleviate feelings of depression (the tough part is getting up to exercise when you feel down).

3. It increases your brain cells to make you smarter. They say that activities that involve more complex movement, like dance classes and tennis give your brain the best boost. Perhaps this explains why Kung Fu masters are always so wise.

4. It helps prevent Alzheimer’s and actually improves your memory and vocab skills.

Memory loss isn’t as romantic as Hollywood would like us to believe.

5.It improves self-esteem. That’s without seeing huge change in your appearance. Something as simple as cutting time off your mile or adding weight to your workout makes you confident in how badass you are.

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