The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

Feel Good Mondays: The Point Isn’t to Live Without Any Regrets…

Oh my gosh – hi. Hello.

I feel like today’s post is possibly the most important I’ve ever had. That’s a bold statement for me to make because I have a tendency to think everything I say is important. Which is crazy, because I ramble incessantly.

So last Monday I had a terrible, horrendous day. I cursed the gods, cried in the station vehicle on the way into work, and all my loved ones kept sharing the most fantastic news that day. That last one seems out-of-place, right? A few months back (or a month? I don’t remember) I pointed out that it’s incredibly important to store the accomplishments of your loved ones in your mind for the tough times – because celebrating the success of those around you feels just as good as celebrating your own. I still think that applies, no matter how crappy or happy you feel in the moment. The glaringly obvious problem, however, is that when you REALLY want to beat yourself up over your shortcomings you have a wealth of examples at the ready, to be used to berate yourself.

“CONGRATULATIONS!!” Yep, I’ll definitely use that later during the self-flagellation of my psyche.

So Tuesday I was sitting there lamenting my lack of progress in life. I counted all my friends who are engaged. I counted all my pregnant girlfriends. I counted all the people who seem to have their lives together. Let’s be real – I threw one hell of a pity party and yes, it did actually involve swaddling myself in blankets, eating ice cream, and watching bittersweet YouTube videos. I was a girl that day.

They rescued that poor puppy from the desert. I feel so much!

And then I decided to revamp my blog theme. And while trying to find a larger image of the Nietzsche quote on vinyl I stumbled across a blog with a TED talk on regret. And I committed the 16.something minutes to see what Kathryn Schulz had to say on the psychology of regret.

If I hadn’t been sitting down I would’ve fallen over.

Anyway, I thought I would share this because sometimes feeling good requires you to accept the ugly side of yourself.

…and it makes this line so much more meaningful. <– and that reinforces the movie title!

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