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Feel Good Mondays: Smile for “Spring to Come”

I’m sorry, I’m not over the album release yet, so I shall continue to use John Butler Trio music in my posts a bit longer (they released Flesh & Blood last week). Much to my dismay I didn’t purchase my pre-sale tickets for their performance at Red Rocks in time and they sold out. There were tears.

So I’m giving this post a soundtrack with the first song off the album, “Spring to Come”. It’s a kind of hopeful, kind of sad-sounding track that I think fits anyone stuck under all this snow here in the Midwest. In John Butler’s words:

Spring to Come evolved from a guitar riff that has been around for about five years wanting to come to light. Then on a camping trip at the Blackwood River the lyrics decided to come to the party. For me it’s a song about dealing with depression and having the faith that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. In the midst of winter, spring will come… (laughs) but how fucking long does it have to take?

For some reason a lot of science about smiling has been on my mind and I decided it would be a good time to remind everyone that that whole “fake it til you make it” concept is true in terms of happiness. Almost every list of quick ways to destress involve forcing yourself to smile.

It amazes me that smiling (or even laughing) when you don’t really feel like it actually boosts your mood.

…or boy

I guess that explains why it’s better to grin and bear it – eventually you just won’t be bothered by what’s troubling you.

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