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Feel Good Mondays: Books, Books, and More Books

I’ve been on a huge reading kick the last few months. I’ve delved into the psyche of several volatile little characters from the comfort of my reading chair. The drawback to that is that my inevitable connection to characters can bring me to the verge on violence when a story doesn’t wrap up the way I see fit.

But really, books are wonderful and there are multiple studies that show the amazing things they do to our brains (boost analytical skills, the ability to empathize, attract a mate, etc.). And personally? I think that reading in the winter is like developing new friendships, so it feels more acceptable to me to stay indoors 16 hours a day.

So you now know why I didn’t come out to your birthday/wedding/bar mitzvah/girl’s night when it was cold. Oops! your opportunity to read! And every time it starts to snow or your breath freezes in your throat just think of it as a higher power’s way of giving you permission to catch up on your reading list.

There are plenty of sites to inspire a new reading list if you have no idea where to start. To name a few:

goodreads (my personal favorite)

What Should I Read Next?


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