The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

Feel Good Mondays: Natural-Born World Shaker

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog should be aware of my love of Paul Newman. Unconvinced? Consider the evidence:

A Daring Adventure, Or Nothing

Lock the Door

Happy Birthday, Dear Hudson!!

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Short and Sweet

All Hail the Underdog(s)!

Moving on. I want to talk about Cool Hand Luke and how it’s such a badass and inspirational film.

Cool Hand Luke is a film that shows one man’s unwillingness to conform. And in the process, to inspire those defeatist people around him to take control of what little they can.

Here’s a character who doesn’t really have anything going for him other than accepting his position in life and sticking to his guns. From a Bird’s-eye view he’s a loser who rises to the top of the social ladder in a prison full of other losers.

Oh ho! This is not the whole story. It’s okay to be a bit like Luke. In fact, it’s sort of a good thing to think like him. Accept the fact that you can’t create major change in an instant. Understand that change starts with attitude. Make your life liveable by having a positive outlook.’ll get knocked down a few times, but you have to see that as long as you keep trying, you can be a natural-born world shaker! You can inspire the people around you and get what you want (or spend your life trying). maybe don’t break the law while you’re pressing forward. That’s generally frowned upon.

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