The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

Feel Good Mondays: When Life Hands You Blizzards…

Today I have to make the best of the following situation:

I am a grown ass woman traveling to the city to work in sub-zero temperatures when there is a perfect combination of snow and cold air to make an igloo in my backyard. Oh! Also, the plows knocked over our mailbox and I’m very concerned that my odd little letter to Olivia will not be mailed and in June when the snow melts someone will find my letter and discover how truly strange I really am.

CHANGE OF TOPIC: It’s so rare for a song written for a movie like The Hobbit to feel like a regular old indie song. But here one is and I want to share it here because I finally saw The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug last night. And Ed Sheeran ended the movie with this wonderful thing and I like it.

On a completely ridiculous but related note, that was the sassiest dragon I’ve seen on screen since Shrek. It’s a shame that Donkey laid claim on that she-dragon because that could be one fiesty couple. And obviously Smaug would be able to provide all the jewels that fierce lady needed.

Okay, I’ll get back to reality. Happy Monday.

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