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Feel Good Mondays: Absorb the Good Vibes

As a kid my favorite book was Frederick. It’s a children’s book about a mouse who appears to be shirking responsibility as his fellow mice harvest food for the winter. But he’s really devoting his time to collecting intangibles, so that when the food and spirits run low he can remind his fellow mice of the warmth of the sun, the bright colors, the lovely smells, etc. He collects positive memories to get them through the rougher times.

So many wonderful things are happening this Fall… to my friends.

But you know what? I’m ecstatic for them. And it’s important to absorb these times that are going great for them. In fact, I’d say it’s critical. Because when faced with rough patches, you need to focus on all the positive things going on in life, including what’s happened beyond you. While it may seem selfish for me to suggest storing positive vibes from other people’s happy occasions, I don’t think it really is. I think it’s more a mark of selflessness to say that someone else’s good fortune can cheer you up.

There is a theory that nothing can ever be done selflessly. And that could be true… but that doesn’t make your actions any lesser. Being happy for those around you, when nothing particularly great is happening to you personally, is far better than lamenting your own stagnant life and making the happy person feel bad that they have been fortunate and you have not.

Reject the selfish notion that all good things need to happen to you and you will see the blessings all around you!

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2 thoughts on “Feel Good Mondays: Absorb the Good Vibes

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