The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

Friday Dance Party: Foxygen’s Shuggie

Welcome to the Friday Dance Party (disclaimer: not all of this music is meant for dancing)! I got bored with bodies and decided to spend more time sharing music: old, new, weird, etc. I do not presume to know anything other than what I like.

I will not be trying to sound all smart with fancy music terms or break down the true meaning of a song. Just enjoy (or give a chance to) the song every Friday!

Today I celebrate by sharing Foxygen’s Shuggie.

If you need to know why I like it, that’s weird. But I guess I’m digging that it makes me think and dance at the same time. And it sounds like Velvet Underground or Bob Dylan to me.

Merry Friday!

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One thought on “Friday Dance Party: Foxygen’s Shuggie

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