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Feel Good Mondays: Tidal Changes

First off, Happy Earth Day!

One beautiful thing about instrumentals is that you can deepen the meaning of the song for yourself. I have a very deep respect for lyrics, but sometimes they limit what you want to feel.

Below I have two videos of the same song. John Butler has performed this since his days of busking. It’s a constantly evolving song.


2005 – Live at MAX Sessions

2012 – Studio Recording

One thing I will point out is that the song is named Ocean and, similar to the sea, the mood is ever-changing in this song. It starts off quiet and serene, like the surface of the ocean. As you go deeper into the song, you hear the turbulence, the different sounds. You can sense the struggles, the joys, the growth inside of the music. And then to hear it again six years later, the whole thing is different.

John Butler himself said,

OCEAN is a very interesting aspect of my life. It is part of my DNA. It conveys all things I can’t put into words.
Life, loss, love, spirit. As I evolve so too does ‘Ocean’.

Songs like this help us grow and cope. I think it’s a monumental piece of work that everyone should listen to at least once. It can help you remember that change happens, and give you the strength to ride the tides, and make positive choices.


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