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Inception: Tats and Abs Fridays

I’ve decided that my Fridays need more AM flesh. Actually, what happened was that Wednesday afternoon I was talking to friend about a picture of a man with an incredible, tattooed body. And I said, “Who does he think he is, flashin’ his tats and abs?! the TnA!” and we both laughed, followed by a gasp and a revelation on my part.

And thus TnA Fridays was born.  Every Friday AM (at least a lot of Fridays, anyway) I will present you with tats and abs. They may not be joined together on one glorious being. And they may not all be men. But they will all be fabulous eye candy.

Today I start with one of my favorite TnA celebrities: Anthony Kiedis

ta kiedis

Yes, those photos are old. But he’s still pretty much a muscular dream in 2013.

Oh HI, I'm 50.

Oh HI, I’m 50.

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