The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

Feel Good Mondays: Fill Up

I’m stripping down these days to see if it makes me feel better in any way, shape, or form.

I aim to fill my world with super positive, awesome, eye-opening, and soul-enriching elements. I know that not everyone believes in a soul, but I do.

A lot of yoga sites give you the YAMAS or perhaps just healthy lifestyle tips as a step toward practicing your life in conjunction with the YAMAS (they’re like… ideas of restraint to better your life. Non-violence, truthfulness, etc.).

I plan on working my way up to the YAMAS, but as I’m aware that I have a tendency to drop things on a whim and never pick them up again, I figured I could come up with some of my own healthy lifestyle tips that I can actively practice.


1. Use art as therapy.

As a completely unmusical person who owns 7 instruments, I know that I find music extraordinarily healing: the right song to keep me from smashing things when I’m angry, the right song to help me cry out my problems, and so on and so forth. This is somewhat similar to my ability to draw to calm down when I’m feeling stressed.


2. Let things go.

I knew a guy once that never let anything get to him. I’m pretty sure someone could have mugged him on the street and he would’ve been happy by the time he came home, as long as his life felt in balance. We get so caught up in the chaos of life that we forget it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing, who likes you, or how you do your hair.

The Creation of Man by Michelangelo Sistine Chapel

3. Get touched.

I’m giggling at my title, but I am completely serious. I don’t mean sexually, but hell – get it any way you can. Infants, orphans, and Alzheimer’s patients have all been shown in studies to benefit from the result of direct skin-on-skin contact. Keep touch in your daily life. It reduces stress, forms bonds, and a multitude of other things.


4. Get a dog (OR, Be by animals).

Similar to the touch thing, studies show that canine companionship boosts your health. As stressful as it gets at times, life with a dog is just better. And this is coming from a girl who had to give her dog away. Go get some animal interaction. Sorry if you’re allergic.





5. Play.

Goof around every once in a while often. Last night I ran around the house playing tag, plotting attacks, and figuring out ways to get my parents to make dinner for breakfast with my 6-year-old niece. It was hilarious. I acted like a child. I had a blast. I ended up not wanting to go out to the bar because I was having so much fun. We put so much importance on acting mature and being adults… I guess it has its importance in the world (paying bills, problem solving, not getting fired for starting spit ball fights at work, etc.) but go be a dork ALL THE TIME. It feels so much better to let your inner weirdo out.


6. Don’t lose nature.

My last tip is not to separate yourself from nature. Obviously that can be difficult to accomplish, but make time to get dirt under your nails and fresh air in your hair. It’s the best.

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