The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

We All Grow Up… So Shine Your Light While You Got One

At some point as a 25-year-old you have to grow up and accept real-life things. However, when things like this pile up at once your brain (or at least MY brain) starts reeling. Which leads me to this rant rambling line of thought:

I can’t say that I hate death. Because I see that it’s an important and large motivator for us to live our lives fully and without (much) regret.

But I don’t understand it- at least the way we handle it. Death isn’t easy, but everyone says that death is easy – Let me clarify, that I’m talking naturally occurring deaths. I don’t want to get into murder and the levels of pain & anguish that are associated.

I mean you’re old and you die.

I mean you’re sick and you die.

You accidentally drown.

You die in your sleep.

These things – they say – are painless at the end. You hit a peaceful point and forget your pain? Float onto a better plane? Your spirit drifts off into a tree?


Well maybe. And that part sounds easy, true. But what about the other perspective? What about the part of death that is heart wrenching support? The family, the friends that sit & watch their loved ones deteriorate, wilt away. The families that don’t have the opportunity to say goodbye on their terms.

It doesn’t get easy in their last breaths, not for those people. It gets really fucking hard to deal. Reality kicks in. That idea that they’ve floated on to a better place feels like horse shit made up to make people feel better. We don’t Really know.Cloud forest sky bridge

Why is it so hard to accept death in Western society? Some societies celebrated death, but ours can’t accept it. We’re all afraid to die. But when we (as a whole) try to accept death we get caught in a strange mental trap: we can’t seem to lessen the severity of death without simultaneously downplaying our mortality. Think of anyone that says they don’t care if they die. In my experience, they’re usually doing something harmful to themselves and/or the world. That’s not good. Just because you will die doesn’t mean you should push yourself there sooner.

Understand that life is important. And fleeting. And special. But when it ends (for you, me, anyone) it’s not the end of all life. The idea that we all die does not mean you should waste the life you have.

The fact that your life will end, if anything, makes your life more meaningful. You only have so much time, so why? Why stop? Why waste, why lie, why cheat, why steal, corrupt, hurt, use, or destroy?

Use your time to do something that you would be proud of; would be interested to read about. Strive to have a life worth writing about. And stop hiding from your fears. Move away, get that tattoo, ask that girl out, apply for that job, and marry that man!

Seize everything you want and in that moment when everyone (or no one) is watching your spirit leave your body? It will be easy for you. Easier because you lived your life like it was a gift. And those mourning you will know it.


And for Christ-sakes, listen to these lyrics and abide by them!

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