The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

Feel Good Mondays: Do It a Little Differently

It’s healthy to break out of your routine every once in a while! Today I’ve decided that instead of my normal Monday Americana (Okay, fine. It’s an everyday Indie Rock thing) I’m listening to Metal. And it feels nice to let my ears hear something different. I’m always looking for new musicians, but artists one one genre sort of all sound the same after a while. I’m sure people could leave miles of comments on how wrong of a statement that is, but it’s not incorrect. If all you listen to is one style, it sort of fuses together. Artists can sound really different but still be similar. Because it gets to be a routine.

So today I’m doing Metal. Because Metal does not sound like Fleet Foxes or Radical Face or Holcombe Waller. Metal sounds unique to me today because I don’t listen to it every day.

But I bet if you listen to a lot of Metal it’d be good for you to give it a rest for a day. Or Rap. Or Blues/Country/Hip Hop/Gospel/Electronica/Dubstep/Folk/Gregorian Chant. It’s like an audiological way of getting a new perspective of the world! Look at the world through a different filter for the day, and you’ll enjoy the one you normally use a little more tomorrow. Or you’ll find a way to incorporate both into daily life.

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