The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

There’s A Lot That I Missed, But I Don’t Mind: I’m Not That Old

Sigh… I’m 25.

There’s really so much I have yet to do. And I have 3/4 of my time left to do it. Well, honestly I don’t think I’ll make it to the triple digits. Either way, I’m doing my best to have an anti-quarter-life crisis.

What would you call that? A Quarter-Life Awakening?

Who knows? All I can say is that I’m going to start making my days count a little more. I won’t let myself say that I missed a chance.

I’m also determined to start removing negative sources from my life. There are a lot of people out there pretending to be there for you, but all they’re doing is recycling bad energy and vibes. No more of that! After all, friends aren’t there to compete with you. They’re supposed to help build you up as you do the same for them.

In my research for the lyrics that inspired this post, I stumbled across the following article. Reading it was highly entertaining and enlightening for me. I suggest you read it, too!

Why the hell are we in such a hurry to live some boring grown up adult life that we saw at a Crate & Barrel?

And also, this blog was inspired by the music of Radical Face. So go listen to “Glory”. Or better yet listen to it here.

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