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You’re Only Given a Little Spark of Madness…

Robin William’s is a wise man, it seems. I’ve had discussions with people lately about the need in our world to be different from everyone else. To be the most extreme at something, to be renowned above all others around you for something, no matter how insignificant.

Now, I’m growing tired of the “You don’t know nearly as much as I do about…” conversations. To that I say, “I do not care.”

  • Good for you, knowing all there is to know about a fictional character, or a sport, a band.
  • Good for you, owning that amp first.
  • Good for you, for ripping off pop-can tabs before anyone else started to.
  • Good for you, believing it’s an important part of your character to be seen as an expert.

But let’s get real for a minute: why should it make you feel better to slam me for saying, “What a great game!” because I haven’t painted the team’s logo on my bare chest for the last 20 years?

Why do people need to shoot others down for not being fanatics? Why is there a silent seniority these days? Are we getting paid to like things?!? Gee whiz, I had no idea! I better run to whatever office catalogs these fan timelines and let them know I had a framed picture of Leonardo DiCaprio in my desk in 5th grade. That should really make a difference, because I still find him immensely attractive today. Right?

If someone tells you they like something you like, good for them! They have good taste in things. Maybe they always have and you didn’t know it! Perhaps – PERHAPS – they have a special tie to this new-found thing and now you’re soiling their experience by giving them crap for not knowing about it long enough.

I’m not trying to lecture all of you reading this because I have done this myself on occasion. It’s natural to get a little possessive of things you care about from time to time, but most of us recognize how ridiculous we are being and cut it out.

I AM lecturing those identity tyrants out there who can’t seem to accept the fact that you are not the only one that likes something. Message:

Now, if this person runs out and buys every album you buy, wears every shirt you wear, cuts their hair like you, and starts nicknaming themselves your name? Okay, that’s a problem. But believe me when I say, someone liking the same band/movie/team/comic book character/career/tea brand as you is a gift, not a dig at your own individuality.

Let’s all embrace our uniqueness and share love for our mutual interests. We all need to have a bit of madness to show the world and it’s hardly fair for one of us to be the only awesome one out there.

Online most of the quotes I’ve seen read “You’re only given a little spark of madness; you mustn’t lose it.” But this video shows him saying it differently, and I don’t know what to make of that.

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One thought on “You’re Only Given a Little Spark of Madness…

  1. Had been guilty of this one meself! Hahaha 😉 But now I recuperated from the idiocy, for good!

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