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The Thing We Need Is Never All That Hard to Find – Dreaming Up a Best Friend

I try not to read into my dreams too often. Mine are quite vivid and would most likely send you over the edge of sanity if you sat down and tried to sort out the their meanings.

However, I’ve noticed some trends that I feel compelled to think on. And my favorite dream trend is that, since October-ish, Anthony Kiedis shows up as my best friend and savior probably once a month.

So far he’s saved me from:

– a soul-sucking hologram child that was trying to trap me in a poster (see what I mean? Crazy vivid dreams!)

– a kidnapper in NYC who had me thinking I was on vacation in the French Riviera, when really he was prepping to murder me in this compound he had created (we jumped through a window Matrix-style and landed/drove off on crotch rockets)

– a rogue cyclist who wasn’t paying attention on the sidewalks of Chicago, followed immediately by a cab that was tearing down the street Mr. Kiedis pushed me into to avoid the cyclist.

Unstoppable. Even wolves won’t fight him.

I mean, basically Anthony is my dream version of a guardian angel.

We’ve fished together, too. Which was much more fun than fishing in real life, because I actually caught (and released) fish and the pier we were on was full of cool people and fun things to do.

Maybe I want a friend that’s as far out there as Mr. Kiedis. Or maybe I think my life is boring, so I’m dreaming up fun people. Or maybe I’m just jealous of his hair. Or MAYBE it’s that my best male friend is named Anthony and he has brown hair and I rarely see him, so I’m filling my unconscious time with an amped up version of my best friend. Who knows?

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