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Fact of Life: Everything About Dave Grohl is Amazing.

This has been a long time coming; I’m almost hesitant to post because, in typical Dave Grohl fashion, he’s bound to do something else to reaffirm the title of this blog entry soon. But that’s all right, I’ve realized that’s the point of it! In honor of his upcoming birthday, I’d like to talk about the biggest public goofball in rock music.

So, Dave Grohl. There are things people know about him:

He can drum. He can sing. He can play guitar. His facial hair is awesome. He’s funny and uncensored.

But sometimes I wonder if people put all that together when they think about him. Sometimes I think people think,

Dave Grohl? Yeah, he’s the dude from Nirvana/Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl? He’s really funny.

Dave Grohl? He’s a musical genius.

But it’s a bit harder to think about all the greatness at once. It’s overwhelming. AND some people seem to overlook key points about the guy that are equally awesome, but less commonly addressed.

Let’s take it one at a time and point out some awesome things about this guy.

He has supremely entertaining roles in music videos (I mean, that’s just front man privileges, I suppose).

His hair is great. If I were a man I’d aspire to have his hair.

He’s a badass tough guy when he wants to be.

He can make fun of you in any way he’d like and you’ll just laugh and agree. He has that power!

Also, I think he knows he’s a big deal (or at least he should), but even HE knows you don’t let your baby wear clothes that Paul McCartney bought.

↑  People make video montages of him just so the masses can see how wonderfully odd he is.  ↓

He and the band are also fans of coloring/activity books, as seen by Foo’s 2011 tour rider.

Gosh, everything he touches is gold. Admit it, even his ‘song’ with KG was catchy.

To wrap this up, I just love weirdos, man. And Dave Grohl might be my favorite weirdo. Happy birthday, my Hero.

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2 thoughts on “Fact of Life: Everything About Dave Grohl is Amazing.

  1. i don’t think he’s a crossdresser too

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