The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

I Think About More Than I Forget…

There is only so much resentment I can accumulate before I realize what I’m doing is destroying my psyche and decide to toss all that emotion out the window.

You can't keep truckin' when you're seeing red, after all.

But there are only so many times you can be mentally stood-up by a person before you start feeling like a fool. After a while you start to think you might be that girl/guy who cares too much.

So how do you preserve your personality and keep it from growing ugly, if:

a) wondering what the hell you’re doing to deserve this poor treatment makes you crazy,

b) cutting away from a person means you’re mad enough to hold a grudge, and

c) holding on just leaves you resentful?

Think long and hard about that.

Honestly, the best response I can come up with is to take the dog for a run and try to forget that friends will disappoint each other, and you probably disappoint them just as often but they never say anything either. To just forgive and forget.

70 x 7 and all that.

Oh, and blasting the right mix of Eminem songs usually helps, too.

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