The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

Haunted Home Sweet Home!

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween, because for me there’s no depressing “It’s Over” aftermath. Plus, who really ever got over playing dress-ups?

I’m in luck, because Chicagoland gets pretty spooktastic this time of year. I’m also out of luck, because I happen to be a wuss. But it’s nearly unavoidable!

You can tour the city, seeing Chinatown ghosts and such.

You can tour the former White City, with the H.H. Holmes Murder Castle.

Take a drive down Archer in the Justice area (the southwest suburbs of Chicago) and you might see Resurrection Mary.

You might also want to investigate the haunted mob areas throughout the city, for which Al Capone and his men are responsible.

… There are also stories that he had his men dump bodies in a pond next to Bachelor’s Grove cemetery, and that place has a history of it’s own.

There are tons of tragedies that left creepy things in and around Chicago. Here are some worth noting:

The Gacy murders

The Chicago Fire

Various mobsters

The Camp Douglas Confederate Prison

The Grimes Sisters’ murders

And, quite likely, all of the deaths that occurred in the – now closed – mental institution for the criminally insane which is located about 100 ft behind where I work!

Happy Halloween!

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