The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

The Eternal Sunshine of a Creative Mind

Well hello! Happy Tuesday!

I’ve thought a lot lately about my brain. I feel that it’s a pretty neat one (Radio employers don’t seem to agree with me on that – or at least they haven’t noticed yet!), but it takes some work to keep the thing sharp.

If my brain needs some TLC, then I would think most everyone’s does. The TLC I’m referring to isn’t sleep, or foods that are known to promote health. I mean Creative TLC.

If I sit at the computer every day doing work and go home and watch some junky TV show designed to stupefy me (no offense to those who watch these shows) or read a tabloid mag instead of a real book I find my brain starts sliding out of my skull because it’s breaking down into liquid. <– Exaggeration

So I kick-start it with some ultra creative biz-nass. Here I’ve compiled a list of different media to help bolster your brain!



Richie Havens – Freedom

^This song was a complete improvisation during Woodstock because so many people were turning up late. They kept sending him on and eventually he ran out of material and boom! We’ve got Freedom.


Ben Sollee- It’s Not Impossible
^ This man is a creative genius. What he does with a cello is so impressive!


Jimi Hendrix – Machine Gun

^I mean, do I really have to explain why this is awesome?


“Common Sentiment” from Max Blau on Vimeo.

Typhoon – Common Sentiment

A 13 member band that all come together beautifully. Maybe they’re looking for a spoons player?

Change Your Scenery

Get out of your normal area. Go do something different. Shake out those limbs and go for a run/walk/bike ride. Oooor…

Go vegetation picking!

Grab a plane ride to some foothills!

Festival Yourself

Go on a lake vacation.

Go for a hike!

hang by a pool (weather permitting)!

Go fishing!

Dance in the snow! (or rain. or sun.)

... or build a dang fort!



Reading (web style):

An Open Letter to Ryan Gosling – I have yet to find an open letter that was so entertaining!

Hyperbole and a Half – One of the best blogs I’ve ever read.

Shel Silverstein’s Site – the ‘kids only’ sign can’t stop us!



There are so many things to create, in so many ways!

My Funkadelic Friend made me this with colored pencils and Crayola markers!

Digi-art. I took a pic of my niece and made it into a post it card for my friend.

You COULD draw with pen or charcoal.

Or write on someone's flesh!

Or you can be like this guy:


And last, but not least

Trick Your Brain

You want to kick start your brain into thinking outside the box?




Your hand.

Your face (in the mirror).

A bug.

A tree.

A ceiling with a funky pattern (your brain will make up shapes)

I’m not even kidding. You’ll kind of blow your own mind. And no, you don’t need drugs to do this – or to be creative in general. In fact:

Don’t do drugs.  People on drugs think they are creative.  To everyone else, they seem like people on drugs.

–Jeffrey Baumgartner

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