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No, Really, You Don’t Understand… My Family is Amazing.

I had a dream the other night, baby.

I dreamt that i was all alone.

But when i woke up i took another look around my self, and i was surrounded by fifty million strong.

I just re-tallied at lunch time and, with all the weddings I’ve had this year, my family’s numbers have gone up. People I am friends with who have smaller families tend to think I’m being a snob or a brat when I say things like,

I don’t have space in my brain for all that, ‘we call him Uncle Bob but he’s really just a family friend’ business.

I’m not looking down on someone for embracing a friend as family. It’s just…

I (currently) have 81 first-family members. That is to say, I have 81 siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins – not counting second or thirds (which, amazingly, my family sees on a semi-regular basis). I literally don’t even know the names of some of my second cousins. There are too many. I’m fairly confident I would find that I have over 200 family members if I added my second cousins into this.

Take a second to absorb that…

The dance circle gets pretty massive when "We are Family" comes on.

Moving on–

I don’t think people understand what I mean when I say my family is amazing. First off, it’s split pretty equally, all things considered:

– 31 on my dad’s side

– 42 on my mom’s side

– then the 9 from my immediate family (including me)

Take a second and think of all the familial drama that occurs in the average family. Most people I know have 4 blood-related aunts/uncles on one side, tops.

Imagine 40 people or 51 people at a family gathering… and EVERYONE gets along! We’re all the same kind of freaks, and we enjoy each others company.

40/51 people who overcome family drama on a regular basis not a great enough feat for you? For those of you who still doubt the impressiveness that IS my family, picture this:

My sister got married this past July. Which means both sides were at this wedding. And you know what? My mom and dad’s families love each other! They went to high school together. Some of them worked at Dunkin’ Donuts with each other! It’s like a damn reunion at any graduation party or wedding that my immediate family has!

Family N gettin' funky with Family K

Literally only a quarter of my mother's side of the family

So one of the other things that seems to baffle my peers is that I’m so hesitant to relocate thousands of miles in order to get a job in my field of study. I ask you,

could you leave all of your close friends that you’ve acquired over 24 years?

Could you leave the city of Chicago after nearly a quarter of a century of pride from being a Chicagoan?

And most importantly, could you leave 81 people who are your flesh-and-blood (or married to your flesh-and-blood relations) if they were as fun and strange and got along as well as mine do??

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4 thoughts on “No, Really, You Don’t Understand… My Family is Amazing.

  1. I love the pic of me dancing w/Lisa…it is super awesome! 🙂 It is Lisa, isn’t it???

  2. I had no idea you had a blog! I loved this one…it was great 🙂

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