The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

Let’s Break It Down By Body Part

I’m currently in training for an 8k, which is actually next Saturday. I  started Spin classes and almost fell down the stairs the first week. It’s been a rough few weeks as no one else around me really eats well or wants to run with me! However, I have prevailed.

Now my current challenge is to keep up this routine, because I have long been known for my unfinished projects. And in an effort to get inspired to work out I usually pick a celebrity that I would like to look like.

This is usually frowned upon by Charlie. He doesn’t like me to lose my sense of self or something? He’s crazy.

But this isn’t an incentive to start working out, it’s motivation to keep pushing. Plus, the whole “Let me pick someone who in no way looks like me and try to match them” idea usually backfires. SO  instead of picking a person who I cannot possibly be, I’ve decided to pick an array of celebrity body parts that I would like my body parts to match! So let’s begin.

Arms: Cameron Diaz

I feel like there are a lot of women who want waifish arms with absolutely no tone. I am not one of those girls. I want my arms to be delicate, but still look like I could take you down in a bar fight. Not that I plan on being in bar fights, but hey – maybe it’s a natural deterrent?



Abs: Kate Hudson

I have long envied this woman’s torso. Not too hard, not too soft. Maybe I can catch up to her while she’s cooking a baby in that abdomen.



Back: Candice Swanepoel

It’s an odd thing to point out, I know. Who really cares about their back? But with a plethora of lace- and crochet-backed tops? A good back is important.



Booty (AMENDED): Lady Gaga

I’ve changed my mind about Jessica Biel’s rump. I still admire her for having such a curve, but have ultimately decided that it’s a bit too much junk for my trunk. Instead I choose one Lady Gaga. She’s got a perfect booty for my body. So it’s time for some lunges. Although, I probably won’t be traipsing about in thongs and tanga briefs anytime soon.

^ Don’t worry, she’s not diseased. She has ripped fishnet tights on.



Legs: Jennifer Aniston

‘Nuff said.

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