The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

The Adventures in Babysitting

Okay, fine. I didn’t make up that title myself. It’s actually a movie (BASED in Chicago!!)  from the early/mid-90s. I think. Whatever, that’s not the point.


I’m tired. I’m very, very tired.

The reason for this is that at approximately 6 pm last night my sister called me up and asked if I would be so kind as to spend the night there so that she could go to her exercise class in the AM. My brother-in-law had to leave for work at 2 AM so she wasn’t going to go, but she’s paying for it and she already missed Wednesday, etc etc etc.

I said yes. Because I understand the importance of Fitness.

Yes, I went there. I'm as serious as the dark side of the moon.


So I watched Amelie with Charlie last night (he just looooves subtitles) and slid on over to my sister’s house (what’s with the lack of salt on the roads these days?) around 11 pm. I had to stand outside for 5 minutes trying to find my phone because she locked me out.


The following is a sequence of events that I do not wish to ever repeat again.

23:30 – I nestle in to the couch, thinking, “I won’t sleep on the bottom bunk of my nephew’s bed. He’ll probably wake me up early.”

1:00 hour – Awoken by the lights turned on. I turn the TV off.

2:00 hour – Awoken by my sister as she gets up to move my car.

3:00 hour – Awoken by my sister again, this time from her knocking over a Vat of crayons.

5:30 – Delirious, I scare my 4 year old niece who woke me up because she had a bad dream. I get up and make her chocolate milk. We decide to lay down and go back to sleep (yay).

6:00 – My niece decides she’s going to lay on the other side of the couch to watch Spongebob. A-ok with me.

6:30 – Awoken by a crash and an “Auntie Lyyyyce?”



 6:40 – Anne returns home, sees me kneeling on the carpet with paper towels and says, “Oh! Did you just wake up??”

Happy Friday. I leave you with this:

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