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Bright Lights, Big City: Chicago

I’m in love with my city today. Yes, it stinks a lot and it has a lot of crime, and we don’t really trust anybody all that much. But hey, Chicago’s one fine city and people from the coasts that I’ve met often think of as field workers with a few skyscrapers.

We’re not (not all of us).

So my entry today is a nice big bundle of “WOW – That’s so Chicago.” Fun facts, some of my favorite parts of it, etc.

Fun Facts:

– We’re home to “The Nation’s First Serial Killer”, H. H. Holmes. (Is that fun? No, not really.)

This building,

and the site of the World’s Fair is set in what is now sort of a bad neighborhood, so don’t go trekking there by yourself to go see it. On a related note, none other than Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing H.H. Holmes in an upcoming movie.

– Route 66 (you know, the Historic one?) starts in front of the Art Institute of Chicago/Grant Park on Adams Street.

– Every year we dye the Chicago River green for St. Patty’s day. It’s pretty much Green-Blue for the rest of the year.


– The Blues Brothers was filmed here.

– The Dark Knight was primarily filmed here.

– Gotham City is modeled after Chicago, NOT New York City. How did Neal Adams, the illustrator of the comic books, back this up? Alleys.

Monroe & LaSalle, baby!


– We’ve had Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival here twice (2007 and 2010, though it’s Bridgeview and not actually Chicago)

Al Capone, “Bugs” Moran, John Dillinger. They weren’t necessarily good men, but to a lot of people they were kind of heroes. Chicago’s history of organized crime and corruption is so long and vast that at the very least it makes us one of the most interesting cities to read about.

My favorite things:

– Unlike my experience (which, admittedly, was only once and it did occur post-9/11) in NYC, we Chicagoans will actually give directions to people who ask…. We’re just not going to answer more than one question. We probably find you suspicious for talking to us.

This is terrible. 😦

– We make a lot of jokes about it, but seriously? I wore a parka one day and shorts another this past week.

– Andersonville, Where I can only hope I will be able to live for the rest of my life. Try out the Midsommerfest. Or just shop there. Besides, you don’t have to pay for parking!!!

Sculptures. Not many cities have beans, cows, eyeballs, and monsters on the streets.

Architecture! I Love love LOVE Chicago architecture – new and old.

The Water Tower. One of the few buildings NOT burned down in the Chicago Fire.

Smith & Wollensky - delicious

Union Station

FLW's Robie House

 aaaaand MUSIC! Chicago Blues. Perfection

Buddy Guy's Legends. The Old location.

 Bo Diddley:

Muddy Waters:

Howlin’ Wolf:

Buddy Guy:

There’s just so much to Chicago. I love this city to death. But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect other cities!! What’s your favorite part of Chicago? 

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3 thoughts on “Bright Lights, Big City: Chicago

  1. I was in the FLW house a few years back when my Dad’s construction company was working on it. I’m cool.

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