The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

You’ve Been So Good to Me… You Know You Make Me Wanna


This has been a really great week. To the point that I haven’t really been around a computer.  

First off, the doctor said Grandma K is Cancer Free! This is amazing news and all I can say is I’d like to go to a church and bust out a soulful praise of the Lord.  

All right. I’m not trying to advance myself, I’ve already met my goal, but I felt that it would be appropriate to mention this. I’m doing a walk-a-thon for American Cancer Society this coming July. Think about donating. Donate anywhere you can! I know I sometimes get troubled by the lack of places to go for something like this. A few years ago my cousin wanted a donation to a struggling community as her Christmas present, and the lack of trusted organizations disturbed me. So Here. It’s a list of private Cancer research organizations. Do some research if you’re interested! 

Here’s some food for thought:   A lot of people my age (the good old 18-24 bracket) struggle with the fact that we don’t have a great cause in life. We don’t have an Equal Rights Movement. We don’t have any movement to fight for. And I see what you’re saying. A lot of the issues in society are the leftovers of another generation’s movement, and it doesn’t define us solely. It’s true. But we do have some, too. We have the environment. And health. We need to work on these things quickly. I don’t care if you “believe” in Global Warming or not. Our planet is hurting, whether or not it’s from Global Warming. And as a result we’re getting hurt. Cancer rates are going up. And it is our turn to step up to the plate and take action. We’ve got to be the ones that solve the problems. Let’s cure the diseases and save the planet!

My grandmother is now the second person to survive cancer (my father had Melanoma when i was in high school) in my family and all I can think of is: what if?  

What if no one ever donated to research teams?  

What if we never find a cure?  

What if another member of my family gets cancer? Can we go 3 for 3?  

Just think about it. HAPPY HUMP DAY!  

Breast Cancer Survivor

Lung Cancer

Breast Cancer Survivor



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