The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

Short and Sweet

 I’m currently at the front desk at work, bored out of my mind. SO I was on youtube when I decided to watch my 3 favorite movie scenes.

That of course sparked a major battle in my head over what 3 are actually my favorite movie scenes. That’s not something I take lightly.

Well, ultimately it came down to these 3. I might change them later, but right not they are as listed:

1. Cool Hand Luke – The Egg Scene

(Have you noticed yet, my extreme adoration for all things Paul Newman?)


2. Platoon – Elias’ Death Scene

(My dear friend Joel will tell you how much this scene makes me angry, but I love it. Um… don’t watch this if you want to see the movie.)


3. Almost Famous – Wake Up!

(I almost cried watching this at the front desk. I don’t even have any life experiences like that, yet I relate.)


So there! Happy Friday. Aaaand what are YOUR 3 favorite movie scenes?


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