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Topics of the Day: Life & Greed (with a hint of mortality)

If you’re confused about the title, fear not. You’re going to leave even more confused than you came in.

How can a stranger envoke a sense of purpose in a person? Perhaps that’s the wrong wording… How can a stranger make another person want to improve themselves without really knowing them? How can someone you barely know hit right to the core of you and yet the closest to you (or, most of those closest to you) are none the wiser?

This happened to me recently and it infuriated me.

They mention something that is important to you and read right through your bullshit, instantly making you vulnerable and dumbfounded. They don’t necessarily attack you, though, leaving you with the overwhelming desire to prove them wrong later, should it come up again. So then you (I assume everyone does this, anyway) sit there in the midst of a conversation and mentally prepare yourself for the attack on your life.

In some ways maybe it has to do with ignorance of our mortality (or denial). I mean, we try really hard not to think about how short this little life we have actually is. And then some person we met 20 minutes ago comes up and all but says, “What the F are you even doing with your life, slacker?” and your world gets rocked. You’re suddenly sucked into your brain, forced to address reasons why you’re not pursuing one of your big dreams. If you delay it any longer, you suddenly realize, you could miss your chance!

I can’t think of a known analogy for this right now, so I’ll make up a really crappy and cheesy one…. Gimme a few minutes.




Ok, so we’re all like… let’s say you’re a little flower or something. And you’re in the middle of a field with a bunch of the same type of flower. You all look the same to anyone that passes by. But we’re all astoundingly different if you take the time to look.

My analogy is growing into something really different from what I wanted. Welcome to a failed blog attempt!

I’ll leave part 1 with this: If you don’t go for what you want, you’re wasting your uniqueness and your life. You’re going to die someday, so act now! And maybe this stranger that calls you out at a party (quite rudely, yes) is opening you up to more than your friends ever will. Because if you let a little of that vulnerability show through, then you also let people see what you really want. And then they push you.

^^^ I think part 1 is only for lost flower children like me who didn’t know what they wanted to be (and still don’t).  Disregard if you’re already on your way to the top.

Take a minute to clear your head of whatever nonsense I just spouted out right there. Deep breath in…. and exhale.


Is money really the root of all evil? If that’s true, then I’m a saint!

What causes greed? Why does the thought cross our mind to take the money from the wallet we find on the street? And even more absurdly, how can people actually take the money?

Why do major corporations pick on and exploit the less fortunate companies and nations?

A Prime Example of Why Fair Trade Matters

How about all of these cartels dominating Mexico (and apparently they’re angry in Jamaica now, too)?? I don’t understand how people can be so selfish as to take the lives of their neighbors. Why not help your country?! I might get angry that my taxes this year were over $500, but I’m not going to go rob the old lady down the street!

Oddly enough greed brings us back to mortality.

Why can’t we all just get along? Am I naive to wonder why we can’t have World Peace? Of course I am. Is World Peace even an answer? Would it actually help this situation at all? Maybe it would just launch World Passive Aggressiveness.

Did the hippies have it all wrong? I hope not, otherwise pretty much everything I stand for is shot to shit.

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