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The Five Men I Would “Marry” (and Three Reasons Why)

So I just got back from seeing Iron Man 2 with my two cousins and an amigo. My female cousin and I were gushing about Robert Downey, Jr. That got me thinking about my five dream husbands. Who would I pick (based entirely off of looks and the perceived personality that they have) as husbands? This is obviously just for fun.

I compiled a list of 5 celebrity men who I would “marry” based on their looks and the little things I assume/have heard about them which I find endearing and sexy. And not in any particular order at all:

#1 Leonardo DiCaprio – He’s the first one I think of.

Reason 1 – I’ve been following him since the tender age of 12. Titanic came out, and I taped all 12 episodes of Growing Pains that he had starred in years back. I was convinced we were soul mates haha.

Reason 2 – He always plays a strong person, even if the person is really weak. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that, but it’s soooo appealing. Like he’d hunt down the world if any harm came to you (based purely off his movie roles)

Reason 3 – He gives a shit about the environment, and that is, by far, the best thing about him. Not only because that’s his actual personality but because it matters and he knows it. Lovely.


#2 Christian Bale

Reason 1 – Again, I’ve been convinced of his perfection since the early 90s. Oooh Laurie.

Reason 2 – He perfectly fits into my mental image of a man coming home, rolling up his sleeves, and playing with our children after work. He’s got the businessman-that-loves-his-family look 🙂

Reason 3 – He’s friggin Batman. The BEST Batman. And I loooved Batman as a kid. Despite many people’s opinions? I loved the Batman voice he used. Attractive.

#3 Hugh Jackman

Reason 1 – He’s got the “Hot Dad” thing DOWN.

Reason 2 – Not Many Men can pull off long hair. And those that can still don’t pull it off like he can.

Reason 3 – He actually made a pierced ear and lame tattoo look good to me. And golf. He made golf look sexy. I didn’t know that was possible!

#4 Ryan Gosling

Reason 1 – The most obvious: He’s the guy from the Notebook. Imagine waking up and seeing that sitting on your back porch.

Reason 2 – He always looks like he needs a hug/he must secretly be a dork which makes him awesome. How many people can pull off a tuxedo t-shirt at a Hollywood event?

Reason 3 – This. That’s all you need to see. You want that to be you.

#5 Edward Norton

Reason 1 – He’s so versatile as an actor. You can love hating him or he can be the nicest person in the movie. The talent is so refreshing.

Reason 2 – He learned an entire language for Salma Hayek. And he dated her for more than 5 years, which says something.

Reason 3 – Dogs and guitars? I’m sold.

So those are my picks. They’re all delicious. Who would you pick, I wonder?

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