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On the Mend – A Change is Gonna Come

So, those that know me are aware I’m going through a really large transition in my life. Someone I know better than anyone in the world is now missing from my life, so I’m on the mend (thus the title).

TANGENT: I absolutely love when you watch a movie and the title gets used in the dialogue at some point (i.e. Love Actually, The Dark Knight)

So I’m doing the convential get-over-it tactics: Alanis Morissette, Crying, Avoiding chick flicks, Stalking Facebook, Spending more time than necessary sleeping, etc.

But I’m bored with that and, frankly, it’s not helping much. 4 years is a lot of memories. Suffice it to say I can associate every single thing around me down to my eyelids or the post-it note on my desk at work to “He Who Must Not Be Named”.

I’ve decided to make MORE massive changes in my life. I think I’m just afraid of change. So maybe if I throw all these different changes at myself I’ll start to think new and different is more welcome than warm and comforting.

Because really? One person missing isn’t the end of life. At least, not this girl’s.

So I’ve been listening to inspirational shit and developing some ideas. I’m graduating Columbia College on Sunday (thank you). I’ve just finished an internship at Vocalo 89.5 FM

Shameless plug: <– ME!

And we (up until last month) had monthly themes. So last month was Justice, March was Secrets, and so on and so forth.

What if I gave myself a monthly theme? Maybe a weekly theme. A month might get too boring. I can give myself a week to do something different and try something out.

I’ve thought of the first month. I think it’s smartest for me to start with technology, since I’m a product of the facebook stalking generation.

Week 1 (Starting next week): No Facebook

Week 2: No car use for anything under 5 miles

Week 3: Wear something yellow every day

Week 4: The Biggie- NO CELL PHONE

So those are my first 4 weeks. I think small little changes thrown at me will help distract me from my own thoughts. And Hell, if he can get over me, then I can get over him, right?


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One thought on “On the Mend – A Change is Gonna Come

  1. BeneathTheSpinLight on said:

    Things I love about this post:
    -The idea of changing something in your life every week.
    -The photos.
    -The tangent.
    -The fact that I can relate.

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