The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

The Relevance of Time

So how much does time really affect any given person on the street? I was watching the Simpsons on Sunday and some British guy was interviewing Springfielders and checking in every 8 years. One lady was a lawyer and a doctor and I was like ‘who the hell is this??’ Then 16 years later she was the crazy cat lady.

But seriously? How much time do I have to set my life on course? If I screw up do I get any time to fix the problem or am I just screwed for the rest of my life?

How much time is actually required to be put into anything before you get any respect? On any given thing? Examples:

1. Your Career

How much time do you have to devote in college before someone respects your efforts? Screw that, do they even respect the effort? Do you have to achieve to get respect or does effort count? I think the “A for Effort” might be a myth.

2. Love

Do you have to hit a certain month for others to respect you as a couple? Is it only people who haven’t dated as long as you who respect you? Do you have to put a certain number of years into a marriage before other couples recognize you as a “real” couple?

3. Life

I see old people as wise and experienced. But is that always true? My grandmas have gone though a lot, yes. But could I more accurately build a computer? Yes. What is wisdom these days? They know about social situations, but some of their views are dated. — Even my own parents for Chrissakes, just a few years back my mother said she thought New Orleans would probably have faired better economically if they hadn’t forced integration!!  — Back to grandparents: they know how to cook, but can they build their own deck? Women have developed, you know? The phrase “get with the times”? That really means something.

Maybe we only have so much time to establish our identity. What if we don’t have the time to modify it? We have to know Now! It’s what we need to know to set the tone for the rest of our lives.

And this all leads up to two very important questions:

Is this what you want?


Is time really on your side?

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3 thoughts on “The Relevance of Time

  1. Esteban on said:

    Hi. I was looking for a poem by Jim Morrison and when I typed “the blonde one was called freedom” I ran into your blog.

    I loved this post. You’ve made my day, thank you.

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