The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

I’m so cool I’m in by 10 on Fridays

I’ve signed away my life this semester to for an internship. They’re cool and all, but it bites giving up my soul (and weekend) for The Man.

Tonight I saw The Bounty Hunter. Dean Richard(s?) gave it an F. Charlie was really concerned about this today; he was really considering backing out. This started into a whole conversation regarding the fact that there are various levels of ratings. Mr. Richard-possibly s- chooses movies based on things like artistic integrity, acting level, plot, and whether or not he’s entertained.

Dean is a man. I’m pretty sure he would/did give How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days an F (if that doesn’t spell it out for you, what else could?!?!).

The Bounty Hunter was the perfect mix of cheesy lines, beautiful people, stupid-funny situations, and cute shoes. Silly Charlie. He’s just a boy.

I’m not saying I’m anti-good movies. I’m just saying there are Layers, people! Ex. P.S. I Love You = GOLDEN A+, 27 Dresses = It grows on you, but that sister’s such a selfish biotch B+, Fool’s Gold = Ehh, we can forgive her this one… C-, and lastly, Leap Year = I didn’t even finish the preview F.

And that’s how it works (in my opinion).

The Bounty Hunter

And seriously, she rocks some killer shoes in this movie!

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